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2008-01-15 Larswm-7.5.3

Hello Folks!
After playing around with Ubuntu Studio, I liked the dark color theme they used.
So, I decide to translate the scheme to my larswm setup, which looks really cool :-)
Have a look here: http://vico.kleinplanet.de/files/dot.larswmrc
Have fun!!


2006-01-15 Larswm-7.5.3

This is again Larswm, which I used for most of the time in 2005. If you get used to this kind of window managing (especially moving floating clients), it's really hard to change back to a conventional window manager like my old trusty WindowMaker

Larswm has proofed to be an ultra stable environment with the lowest resource usage I've seen:

                 4428 3632  2872  0.0  1.4   0:38   0 wmaker
                 3756 3756  2884  0.0  1.4   0:05   0 icewm
                 3436 3432  2596  0.0  1.3   0:00   0 fluxbox
                 1252 1248   992  0.0  0.4   0:00   0 ahwm
                 1180 1176   932  0.0  0.4   0:00   0 wmiiwm
                 1176 1172   944  0.0  0.4   0:08   0 larswm

If you like this color scheme, put these values in your .larswmrc:
larswm.background: #A0763D
larswm.foreground: #F3E9DA
The background color is set in your .xinitrc:
xsetroot -solid "rgb:50/50/50"


2005-02-23 WMI-10

Going one step further using a more sophisticated tiling window manager like wmi, the Window Manager Improved. Although it has a few little quirks, this is the direction I want to go in the future. The status bar at the bottom is produced by a little bash script


2005-01-25 Larswm-7.5.3

Experimenting with the so called tiling window managers, of which Larswm seems to be the easiest to use. The bar at the bottom comes from Larsbiff which is a pretty handy clock and mail checker plugin. The terminal is the new rxvt clone called rxvt-unicode or short urxvt that replaces aterm and eterm for me.

WindowMaker CVS-20040718

2004-08-08 WindowMaker CVS-20040718

Still a boring but, productive setup using a slightly modified theme by hadess called Amiga.


2003-08-06 Pekwm 0.1.3

Ok! This is me playing around with Pekwm, which is getting better and better every time i try it. The theme you see here comes from grEEn's Site (btw. tons of nice themes to find here), it's called Pek ape. I also like Ion-dusky from chr1z. Almost everything you can see here are ports I made for Crux. This includes Orpheus, Sasteroids, Cowsay the Rxvt's and all the dockapps on the top right with the exception of the last one which is a fake :-) It is a Rxvt with an unset PS1 prompt to quickly start things.


2002-02-10 Blackbox-0.61.1

This is the way Blackbox looks on my desktop at the moment. I like it very clean, as I'm getting tired of desktop wallpapers. You can see here two aterms, but when I use transparent terms, I choose Eterm because the readability is much better. Just compare this with the previous screenshot and you know what I mean. This theme comes from mg3 it's called minus. To me mg3 and cthulhain are the best Blackbox-themers around. Why you ask me? Well, it seems that these two have grasp the essence of Blackbox's beauty and don't try to emulate something else.

Black Maker or Windowbox?

2002-02-10 Black Maker or Windowbox?

Because I love the appearance of Blackbox, I changed Window Maker to look almost the same. So there is no difference when I switch between the two. Keybindings, menus and styles are identical. This is achieved with two little programs.
The menus are created with genmenu. It can generate menus for Blackbox, Window Maker and Enlightenment and it's very easy to customize for your personal needs. If you often install programs, you can make a cron-job out of it, to be always up to date.
To convert a Blackbox-theme to Window Maker there is bb2wm. It does a very good job and it's also very easy to use. For example you can install a Blackbox-theme directly with "bb2wm -i minus-0.60.tar.gz" (look at the screen-shot) and voila, you find the theme in your menu.
And in the right corner there is an old version of bbpager (i use bbpager-0.1.8) that work without problems in Window Maker. I'm almost sure, that a die-hard Window Maker user would hate me for doing this :-)


2001-09-04 Enlightenment-0.13.3

No... it's not an old screen shot, it's a relative new one. Last September I was sitting here in front of my computer. Then suddenly I fell into an nostalgic mood. The first window manager I've installed on a Linux box was Enlightenment-DR.0.11.x, and I wanted to see how it looks today. So I installed all required components in a test-directory and started it. Men it looked sweet, even after all this time. In case you don't know, the app on the right side is e-plus, a pre gkrellm if you like. I really was amazed, how fast it feels compared to my computer anno 1997, then out of the blue something hits my X server very hard, and woooosh ... I sat in front of a console with an innocent blinking cursor. The nostalgic mood was past, and I remembered why I switched to another wm, so I typed "rm -rf ~/software/enlight_test" and continued my work :-)

Fun with Editors

2001-05-31 Fun with Editors!

While learning the first steps in Java, I decided to "theme" the editors. Without looking at the titlebars, can you tell which editor is which :-) ?


2000-12-23 Sawfish

Trying out Sawfish as a stand alone wm. It feels like a better Enlightenment, but I don't like the window placement and, of course, the menu. Blackbox and Window Maker are a lot better for this. Plus you must know a little lisp to extend the functionality. However there are some extensions that are nice, look here http://merlin.org/sawfish/. In this screenshot you can see my customized Xboard, while i'm playing 1 minute games on ICC. At the bottom is FSPanel. And at the left there are three Eterms that are showing a few logs (kernel, firewall, mail and X errors).


2000-06-16 Blackbox

Beside Window Maker, this is the wm I use most of my time. It's relative small , fast and uses beauty full gradients for his appearance (titlebars, menus, panels etc.). Here you can see a theme from Artwiz called clockwork. Unfortunately I can't use the font that came with the theme, because Blackbox can't see it. The app on the left is a small filemanager called Xwf. Normally I don't use a filemanager, most of the time a rxvt with the bash is all I need. But when I'm lazy I use Xwf or Midnight Commander. Below Xwf is Xmp a nice little module player.

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