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Two years ago (2001) I started to fiddling with fonts, because I had a problem with Blackbox displaying the nice fonts of Artwiz. Someone on the mailing-list mentioned to add a font.alias file in the font directory to overcome this problem. But I didn't get it right, I only provoke some really nasty xserver crashes and I slowly began to take this personally :-)
So I downloaded the font-editor xmbdfed and changed the internal font names of all fonts I wanted to use, and voila it worked.

This encouraged me to go further. I really like Rastermans nexus font and shine from Ytterdal or tixus from Tigert. But all of them having problems displaying some of my apps correctly, namely threading arrows in mutt or interface lines to draw menus in centericq, mc, jed, etc... Have a look at the screenshot to see what I mean:

Jed menu

On the left you can see the shine font and on the right side the altered font which I named vixusansi :-) I changed everything I need, corrected a few letters and gave them valid font names.

Here there are:

This leads to the creation of my own font.
One of the drawbacks (for me) of these fonts mentioned above is, that they are very small. Especially the nexus font becomes quit hard to read after several hours in front of my monitor. It should be a bit bigger but not broad and semi-cool.
My first incarnation was to cool and xmbdfed crashed it and left an unusable backup file behind :-) My second try succeeded to pass the critic-module of xmbdfed and I'm really happy with the outcome. It based on a very fine font from Jim Knoble called neep, I used it as a starting point mainly to know where I have to put which character.

Here it is:
bleed2 font

Here is another shot from the screenshot page.

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