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apps that i like:

  • crux
    ...well not exactly an app, but nevertheless, i want it to mention here :-) Crux is the Linux distribution that I use. It's small, fast and very stable. If you afraid of configuring all by yourself, it is probably not for you, but I like it, because I can make it do what I want.
  • jed
    I saw jed the first time in 1998 on some of the screenshots of Rasterman. The syntax highlighting looked really cool. And I was already familiar with the default key bindings, which happened to be emacsish. You can customize it like crazy to do almost everything you want, but it is 10 times smaller then emacs. I use the html-mode, the latex-mode, and the very nice muttmail_mode very often.
  • vim
    I have some kind of love and hate relationship with this editor. I start using it because of the very efficient key bindings, especially when the RSI problems in my hands are getting worse. It is easier to type one key in vim then to type control-meta-alt-shift combinations in emacs. But the modal editing sometimes drives me crazy. Maybe it is just psychological, maybe it has beeped on me one time to much :-)
  • mutt
    ...in my opinion one of the best mail-clients on this planet. Also very customizable and efficient, especially when you are on several mailing lists. You can use your favorite editor in it, which is a big plus :-) I use it in conjunction with procmail, to filter my incoming mail into different folders and masqmail, a mail transfer agent.
  • irssi
    I don't chat that much, so I need a client that works out of the box. In the past I used tirc and xchat. Irssi just happens to be in the Mandrake distro two years ago, when it made the transition form a gui-client back to a console-client. Unlike a few others I tried (bitchX and epic) it had pretty good default settings. So I stick to it since then.
  • aterm
    ...is a pretty good xterminal, which is small and has a few nice features, like transparency and fading. The only thing I can't change, was the inner border of the term window from two to four or five pixels (like eterm). This is working in xterm and rxvt but I didn't get it in aterm, thought I didn't look in the sources yet. Other things I always change are: allow scrolling with shift+ up and down keys and no bold fonts.
  • window maker
    After my first adventure with enlightenment back in 97/98 if tried to find a smaller and more stable wm. Window maker is a really trouble free environment with a nice set of useful features. It don't get in my way like some others I tried.
  • blackbox
    ...is another wm I use. It has a real pure and slick design which i like very much.
  • pekwm
    ...is a relative "new kid on the block" with feature-set that surprises me, so I test it at the moment. You can assign different actions for apps when you start them and it is quite fast and stable. Very nice :-)
  • scid
    I played a lot of chess in the 90's and I'm still playing for my team in a local championship. So I need a good chess database to search for openings and games to refine my repertoire. Scid is the best free program that I can find and it has all the features that I need. Good work!
  • xboard
    I play chess regularly in ICC. Xboard has a good feature-set to play, chat and watch grand-master games live on the internet.
  • midnight commander
    mc is the best file manager I could find (and I tried a lot of them). Coming from a DOS/Windows platform where I used the norton commander, I felt right at home. Who needs nautilus or konqueror, when you can do it ten times faster in mc?
  • lbreakout2
    I don't play that much on a computer, but this game has a good design and is quite fun to play. I like it :-)

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